Preview of the WorkbookTHE MEDIATING WITH PICASSO WORKBOOK is the companion to Mediating with Picasso, and is for those of you who are not yet convinced of your own creativity. In it are several exercises as well as eleven creative self-assessment surveys that have been adapted or incorporated from a range of sources. As you take the various assessments, you can accumulate your results on a Creative Assessment Summary in the Workbook. This Summary provides a mechanism for you to cumulatively validate in your own experience your new-found creativity. You will believe it when you see it!

Take the surveys and exercises in conjunction with your reading of the corresponding chapters of Picasso. Journal your Ahas! as you read and complete the surveys. Keep notes as you read Mediating with Picasso and jot down memories from your Reticular Activating System for future use. Open ended questions will nudge you along.

The Workbook is especially handy to revisit in the future to check your progress toward acknowledging yourself as the fully functioning, self-actualizing creative mediator that you are.

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