This book makes a significant and original contribution to the mediation field. Everyone involved in a conflict finds it difficult to be as creative as they would wish to be. The author uses quotations, stories, drawings, metaphors and humor to stimulate our thinking about helping others find their creative voice; and helps us find our own creative voice as well. Highly recommended!

Charles B. Wiggins
Professor of Law, University of San Diego
Guest Professor, University of Amsterdam (NL)

Louise makes a brilliant contribution to advancing mediation as a whole brain creative process.

Guadalupe Guajardo, PhD
Senior Associate, Nonprofit Association of Oregon

Practical, well written and to-the-point.  Whether you are a seasoned mediator, a novice or someone who finds themselves in situations that need resolving, Louise Neilson gives you the tools you can use to create winning solutions.  Full of real-life examples, Mediating with Picasso is more than a mediation text; it’s also a great read.  I loved the “Red Queen” chapter.

Roger L. Firestien, Ph.D.
International Center for Studies in Creativity,
State University College at Buffalo.
President Innovation Resources, Inc.

Mediating with Picasso is a skillful blend of philosophical, psychological, and theoretical insights into recognizing and embracing our own inherent creativity – and then putting it to good use. The author articulates – simultaneously – complex, and yet simple, truths about creativity.

Mediating with Picasso reinforces and challenges the reader to expand and celebrate their own creativity, and use it effectively.

Lynn Fraser
Mediator, Arbitrator and Attorney

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