MEDIATING WITH PICASSO is part mediation text, part memoir; a great read! Louise Neilson persuasively convinces you that you are more creative than you might currently think you are. Then, through real life examples, mediation ‘war stories,’ quotable quotes, and surveys and exercises found in the Workbook, Louise demonstrates how you can increase your creativity, then apply your inherent creativity when you need it most – in conflict situations.

The underlying philosophy of Mediating With Picasso is that you, the mediator, are more creative than you think, and that understanding can be achieved through increased creativity.

Like the later works of famed Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, creativity can seem spontaneous and undisciplined. In fact, the painter’s work was grounded in his early artistic studies and his thorough experimentation with images before he decided which composition to choose. In the same way, through exploring creativity the mediator learns that self-understanding leads to increased understanding of the parties’ thinking and decision-making process.

Mediating with Picasso describes and demonstrates how mediators can actually be more creative when dealing with angry, stubborn and positional clients. It goes beyond the established mediating books that advise mediators that they “should’ and “must” behave more creatively.

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