Louise Neilson is the only mediator in the U.S. with a master’s degree in Creativity and Innovation. For over twenty years she has taught creativity and conflict resolutions courses at Marylhurst University. Concurrently, she has mediated over 1200 cases: complex workplace disputes for Employee Assistance Programs, neighborhood disputes for community programs, evictions and small claims cases for Multnomah County District Court, police/citizen cases for the City of Portland, and EEOC cases for the US Postal Service. Louise is currently completing Mediating with Picasso Field Guide and Teaching Manual for mediation trainers and educators.

Louise was introduced to conflict resolution as a young adult; her husband was her boss while she supervised her mother-in-law. During her checkered past, Louise has taught gifted inner city middle-schoolers, owned a ceramic tile specialty wholesale production company, taught resume-writing to out-placed factory workers, and organized dress-up nights and ping pong tournaments at an annual residential art camp. Louise currently teaches, mediates, and doodles in the Portland, Oregon area.

She can be contacted at louise@mediatingwithpicasso.com, and her books can be found at her LuLu page and on Amazon.com.

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